Giving you access to my network

Over the last 11 years, I have developed a strong network of finance professionals across Europe (VP Finance, CFOs, country controllers, etc). They are my previous colleagues, managers, providers or clients. Most of them are in a trustful relationship with their employer, and therefore not actively looking for new job opportunities.
They are however always happy to catch-up with me and casually hear of external career options.
I got to know most of my recent “candidates” via word of mouth and referrals, many of them working exclusively with me.

Strict selection

The screening I undertake consists of a 2 hour interview, covering all aspects of the CV. My financial background enables me to test the candidate’s technical as well as business skills. I also give a lot of importance to the motivation : is this candidate going to be happy and stay in your team ? How about the cultural fit?
References are systematically taken, either early or later during the process.